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How do you use your time for good? Read the parable of the talents see Matthew Do you bury them, share them, or grow them? Ask your students what they would do with one dollar. Can you help the world with it? Buy a lottery ticket? Donate it to a worthy cause? Proverbs Romans You see, the Ten Commandments are like a mirror. They show us how bad we are and how we need to be clean before the Day of Judgment. That is the Day God will punish people who have broken the Ten Commandments.

God doesn't want you to be punished. He so loves you that He made a way for you to be clean before Judgment Day. A man had a son who was really bad. He did many bad things, including lying and stealing and found himself in trouble with the police. Sign In.

Kiss: Keep It Simple and Sustainable: Lean Leadership Methods That Build Sustainment

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ASD uses repeating speculate , collaborate and learn cycles to continuously adapt the process to the work being performed. ASD is iterative and time-boxed, mission focused, risk driven and change tolerant. ADKAR: a goal-oriented change management model to guide individual and organizational change. ADKAR is an acronym representing the five milestones that must be achieved for a change to be successful —.

Affinity Wall: used to organise and categorise information into logical groups. Following brainstorming the team organises Post-its into related themes and then titles each group. This method allows visual clarification of problems and identification of potential solutions.

Agile: a philosophy in which requirements and solutions evolve iteratively and incrementally through collaboration between self-organising and cross-functional teams. Agile promotes adaptive planning, continuous improvement and a focus on quality to reduce risk and achieve the highest value outcomes. Agile Modelling AM : a methodology for modelling and documenting software systems as introduced in by Scott Ambler.

AM provides a collection of values and principles to be used for modeling on an Agile development project. AUP includes test-driven development, Agile modelling. Agile change management, and database refactoring. Alternate Release Burndown Chart: a graph showing the quantity of work remaining for a release vertical axis against the elapsed project time horizontal axis.

This chart also shows work added or removed from the backlog plus prediction lines based on the team velocity and work-add rate. Andon Japanese: Visual Indicator : a display, siren or other indicator to communicate information and encourage immediate resolution to problems. A live build and test dashboard on a wall-mounted monitor is a good example.

ATDD Acceptance Test-Driven Development : the practice of test-first development in which automated acceptance tests are written in advance of implementing the corresponding functionality.

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Ideally the product owner, customer or domain expert are able to write acceptance tests to express their desired functionality. Automated Build: the process of generating a deployable product from its original sources without any human intervention. An automated build can be performed at any point with no further inputs other than the source code repository.

Producing an installable version of the product is the most basic process in automation. Backlog: an ordered list of the features or tasks to be developed for a product. See Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog.

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Backlog Grooming: Now widely accepted as illegal, see Backlog Refinement. Backlog Refinement: the practice of meeting regularly to refine the product backlog.

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  8. This can involve re-ordering or removing backlog items, creating new ones or rewriting, re-estimating and splitting existing items. Refinement meetings ensure that the product backlog is kept current and has sufficient work for the team at the right granularity for the next few sprints. BUP was given freely into the open source framework OpenUP in and was developed further within that project. Beyond Budgeting: a leadership philosophy utilising an alternate approach to budgeting using a rolling budget, balanced scorecard, external benchmarks, managing future results, allowing operational managers to react to the environment and encouraging a culture of innovation.

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    BHAGs change the way that a business runs, and are bigger and bolder than regular long-term goals. They typically take ten years and over to achieve and are created with the following steps —. Burndown Chart: a regularly updated and visible graph showing the quantity of work remaining vertical axis against elapsed project time horizontal axis.

    Burnup Chart: a visible graph showing the amount of work completed in each sprint against a ceiling of all of the work to be done for a release. Release burnup charts were in common use for Scrum until the Alternate Release Burndown Chart was invented. Business Model Canvas BMC : a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool to describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot a business model. This lean startup template is used to develop new or document existing business models. The canvas is downloadable from the Strategyzer site.

    The maturity levels attainable are Initial level 1 , Managed level 2 , Defined level 3 , Quantitatively Managed level 4 and Optimising level 5. Agile and CMMI are compatible methods for identifying and implementing good practice, this is demonstrated by existing companies developing Agile projects at CMMI level 5 optimising. Cognitive Bias: a subjective reality that individuals have where their perception can cause them to collect the wrong data or misinterpret it. There are a large number of cognitive biases identified which can be adaptive and enable faster decisions but others are factors of human-processing limitations.

    Examples include:. Collective code ownership acts to share technical knowledge, encourages collective team responsibility and reduces the risk of a single develop stalling progress. Community of Interest CoI : a community of people sharing a common interest or passion. They exchange ideas and thoughts regarding the given area but may not know or interact outside of this.

    Community of Practice CoP : a group of practitioners who share a common interest, problem or passion. Its members participate in the community to share ideas, resolve issues and improve their understanding of the subject area. Participation is voluntary, entertaining, compelling, interesting, long-term and not restricted by location.

    Consumption Map: a business tool for capturing how your customers experience your product. It identifies the touch points that they have with your product and links them into a chain.

    Six Sigma Versus Lean

    This should be repeated for each product life-cycle phase and used to identify short-term improvement measures and to prepare for each stage and set of customers. Continuous Delivery: similar to Continuous Deployment with the exception that a human intervention is required to promote changes into a subsequent environment along the pipeline. Scrum teams often deliver each Sprint and product owners then decide when to deploy the developed product. Continuous Deployment: a fully automated process to deploy each individual product change to the production environment without human intervention.

    Continuous deployment requires extensive automation, instrumentation, phased delivery and an infrastructure that allows changes to be easily and quickly backed out. Continuous Integration CI : the practice of automatically building code as it is checked in. CI should be linked to an automated dashboard to show the current build state. Broken builds slow down development and reduce trust, CI enables faster feedback and accountability. Cross-Functional: ideally an Agile team should contain all of the skills required to take the product from concept to cash.

    Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean

    A CFD data visualisation shows, over time, the amount of work within each stage. This data allows lead time and cycle time to be calculated and aids in identifying bottlenecks and other issues. Cycle Time: the amount of time from when work begins on a change request to when it is ready for delivery. Cycle time measures process capability.

    Daily Scrum: in Scrum this is the daily team co-ordination event of 15 minutes or less. Typically team members will each answer three questions:. The discussion, typically around a task-board may result in updates to the sprint backlog. This term was introduced by Ron Jeffries in September The DoD is a quality bar for work to be delivered within the sprint and is wholly owned by the development team.

    Ideally the DoD should be the final bar to a product backlog item being releasable, due to this try to avoid Done-Done. Note that individual DoD checklists may exist for stories, sprints and releases, additionally if a user story does not meet the DoD then it is not counted in the velocity and is instead returned to the Product Backlog.