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Your Weight Loss Journey Made Easy, Exciting and Fun! Men and Women: Motivational H and millions of other books are available for instant . Free Two- Day Shipping for College Students with Amazon Student . Brain-Powered Weight Loss: The Step Behavior-Based Plan That Ends . out of 5 stars Deja vu.
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Besides a fascinating read, the reader will find in her book a compelling invitation to enter their own journey of self-discovery. Allyn Roberts, Ph. A gut wrenching and inspiring story of a psychologist's journey from severe sexual abuse to spiritual awareness.

Elaine Hodge's search for healing and meaning in her life takes her into past lives, Native American spirituality, the 12 step program and ancient philosophies. This leads to peace, forgiveness, love and service. Her story is compelling and, with its many twists and turns, keeps the reader engrossed throughout. If I'd Only Known Written by author and psychotherapist Dorothy M.

Neddermeyer, this manual on a difficult and controversial topic provides invaluable information on sexual abuse prevention. With the high-profile cases of abuse in the Catholic Church, this topic can be of particular interest to anyone who wants to know how to protect children from this horrific crime.

A psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, Dorothy Neddermeyer specializes in sexual abuse, incest and physical abuse recovery. Along the way the histories of regression and time are discussed with case histories used to illustrate concepts. Barbara Pomar explains and illustrates past-life therapy, setting it in a scholarly and historical framework.

For her, the therapy is more than solving specific problems: it is about widening our perspective on who we are and what we are. It is about living more fully in the present. It is about how we change the future in healing the past. This book may be an eye-opener for many. She has skillfully interwoven actual regressions with science, appealing to the spiritual person and the scientist as well.

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Having experienced regressions with Ms. Pomar, it was fascinating to learn how my past scientifically relates to time. He covers all the main lines of research and speculation that have been carried out over the past century. There's also a fine introductory chapter on the historical traditions in the east and west that contain doctrines of reincarnation. The earlier speculations of theosophists and psychics like Edgar Cayce leads on to the more methodical researches of Ian Stevenson. This is followed by an illuminating account of past life recall and hypnotic regression plus the various 'New Age' approaches to the subject.

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There are fascinating chapters on experiences before and during birth, the preparation for rebirth, descent, birthmarks and the underlying evolutionary patterns of the soul. Of course there is much on the subject of karma, and of how much freedom we exercise in the whole process.

Finally, an epilogue suggesting an appropriate life-attitude in view of the almost certain fact of continuation beyond one single life. The author has done a tremendous job in sifting the credible from the purely fantastic, thrown much light on a subject that is so prone to wishful thinking.

You couldn't find a more reliable guide. What more can I say? I fully agree with Colin Wilson's praise - it's the most definitive treatment of the subject I have ever seen, or am likely to see. Certain aspects of reincarnation I have never seen covered in any other work - and I read quite a lot.

I bought the book over 10 years ago, and I still refer to it often. A masterpiece! ISBN "Hans is a pioneer in establishing practical, specific tools for using past-life regression as a viable, therapeutic method in the healing process. Vast in scope, the reader explores everything from being an effective therapist to working with the soul.