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Spanglish for Impatient People (Audio Download): Mike a Do-It- Yourself version to accompany this book (Spanglish for Impatient People - Do It Yourself!) and a second instalment (Spanglish for Impatient People 2) Perfect:).
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Also by studying russian ,will there be any use in securing jobs,either in india or abroad. If so,what are the type of jobs which will be offered to a person knowing foreign languages.

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I am planning to learn french also. Kindly reply. My name is Vladislav. Sometimes I feel like I would learn them all if I could. Once I tried to start learning 36 languages simultaneously. I already used it successfully when I went to Rome. I was also very appreciated when used it working with Italians ;. The thing is I have an interest to visit Georgia and would like to pick up its alphabet and at least some general expressions,but the more the better. Obviously languages help set up good relations at work,as well.

I wish everybody to learn,learn and learn. There are only advantages in learning languages,and they are not limited with brain and memory training against dimensia.

Spanglish for Impatient People

I mean it! I wish to minimize time out my schedules to learn Arabic language reading without the enablers. Please help me. I am fluent in Spanish my native tongue and English. I can speak French and German but not fluently yet , and am currently learning Russian and Ancient Greek. I plan to learn Portuguese and Italian.

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I love your approach to learning languages! You are an inspiration! Again thank you so much for your tips and sharing your life experiences!! It really helped me A LOT!!! I also wanted to tell you that currently I speak Spanish and of course English; Spanish being my native language! Donovan, Your interview with Michael Campbell from Glossika is very interesting. If we believe that a foreign language is an information to be remembered then Glossika Spaced Repetition GSR is a great innovation to the system that was introduced by Pimsleur in However, if you believe that Training English skills subconsciously is a better alternative to the conscious passive learning and memorization, then GSR is not applicable anymore!

If you want to learn more about this patented process of subconscious Training English skills, write to me.


Hi I am an old Kerryman who used to speak Irish fluently as a boy. Now that my epitaph is creeping closer I am considering re-establishing some ability to speak gaelic again. Unfortunately, my father never spoke Italian at home, so this is new for me.

Also had some Latin in High School. I can structure a sentence in German more easily than I can in Italian! I have a large Italian family in the US, many of whom did speak Italian at family gatherings, and when I was very young, I must have picked up the sound of the language. It feels very natural to me to form the words and make the right sounds.

I would never buy Rosetta Stone because it just does not seem a good match for my learning style. I stumbled across your blog in my search for Arabic resources.

It is straight forward and very informative yet personal, all at the same time. I hope to learn Arabic and begin to understand the culture better as it has always been very interesting to me. This will be my first time learning a second language. I am very determined and ready to do whatever it takes. Thank you for the wonderful resources.

Hello and greetings Dononvan. I found your blog because of your critical review of Esperanto.

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I speak Esperanto semi fluently. Now, i am not here to cine or rebut or debunk you. I find that alot of what you say about Esperanto is fairly accurate and should be used by Esperantists to improve their beloved language. I am actually here because i am a developing polyglot and i admire other polyglots. I currently however, do not speak any Arabic or Chinese. These are two languages i want to crack.

I am also late in life, 52, to add many languages. But, i am still going to try. I never thought of myself as talented on languages but im hearing it all the time.

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I just wanted to post my thoughts here, I will keep on reading your blogs and hopefully I will make some steps forward in learning Korean. Wish me luck. Its my first time I am writing to somebody. So, I am from a small town, then came to Delhi and opted for graduation and in the 3rd year of my graduation I got knowledge about the foreign languages and then I opted for Spanish. I have given my 2. Give me some suggestions please. Secondly, I also want to learn an another language but little confused I should go with French or Arabic, But my concern is I should first improve my Spanish or go with another language also.

I saw your talkinarabic. Thirdly, like you, I also want to do something different like travel , blogging etc. I am not creative. I just love to do dance. Hi Donovan! I randomly found your blog when looking for ways to self study German your germanpod review- very helpful! I am from Tel Aviv, Israel born and raised :]. I actually am bilingual- I speak Hebrew native and English just from studying it at school.

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  • I do want to study more languages german first, as I am part german - I really like studying languages! Why did you decide to learn hebrew as one of your first languages learned? Are you planning to visit?

    Step 1: Embrace Spanglish as a Way of Life

    We do have a mix of many different cultures which means we have great food and many people speaking many different languages. Hello Donovan, I just found your site because I was looking up reviews on the Rosetta Stone language program; I had planned on using it, but now I am not so sure.

    I need to find a good program for learning Spanish for my daughter 16 years old for school credit; she goes to a small private high school, where we can do some of the school credits at home. Because I have wanted to learn Spanish myself for many years, I plan on learning along with her. I want this to be really practical as opposed to just grammar knowledge , as I see that knowing the Spanish language is so beneficial in the U.

    I read through some of your information, but I am not sure, yet, what to do. I could use some advice! Reached your site via searches to learn Hindustani the brain remembered last decade something called worm useful for new languages! Unfortunately with the exception of a few phrases I have not learnt Arabic. As you will be aware English is widely used here to the point that there is no need to learn the local language to function day to day. Only once has a local Expressd disappointment that I did not know Arabic customs officer at Doha airport.

    Greatful if you could provide any advice on the best method to undertake in this instance. Note I also have face to face contact with my Indian friends. Ultimately would like to have a broad understanding of the language and potentially have technical discussions as I am an Engineer.

    That said I realise the importance of the basics. Good for puting your faith in Jesus Christ first. I share your faith in Him. In my case, I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church. I welcome all Christians and all men of women of good will. I am Argentine, and my mothertongue is Spanish. I studied English from age 9 to 17, non intensively, in an institute appart from my school. In fact, English is a mandatory subject in middle school, but people seldom learn it that way.

    In general, those who have intermediate or higher level have studied the language appart from official school, or have gone to bilingual schools not my case. At age 20 I read an article about Esperanto, which up to that moment I thought was some strange failed project seeking to replace all languages by one. I was stunned to know that it was actually a living language. Being an esperantist has given me great joys and a couple of sorrows, as it is often the case under the sun of this world, but the joys are overwhelmingly more.

    Beginning I went on vacation to Brazil with my wife. I separated from the book just when I took a shower, and if it had been printed on plastic instead of paper I would have left it not even there.