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St Davids to Lowestoft cycle ride: Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - Sequel to the hilarious "I Will Stand in my House Forever", Chris Gooderham.
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They also provide cycling specific insurance.

If you take this option then the break down cover is included for free. If I had been covered on my last trip LEJOG when I ripped my tyre and punctured 4 times in a very short distance, I would have been rescued and at the bike shop within an hour or two. Please note that this link takes you to the Cycling Insurance page, which includes Cycling Breakdown Cover.

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If you want Breakdown Cover only, scroll halfway down the page and there is a link in the menu on the left hand side. In June I am supposed to be cycle touring. Two days ago I was undecided upon my route. Today, wiped and shattered, I am fairly sure which roads to follow — the short and uncomplicated ones. The Surf and Turf route consisted of a straggling loop along the north coast of Cornwall to Polzeath and back across country to Newton Abbot at roughly km and then a bonus loop of km.

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The weather was wet. Very wet. By the time I reached Polzeath I was extremely cold, shivering uncontrollably. I decided not to linger at the control and carried on. By the time I had reached Launceston and plunged down to the old A30 I had endured enough. I decided I would not be doing the extra km loop — km was it for me. The trouble was I still had about 90 km to go.


And it was nearly dark. I will not go into details about the misery of the next 4 or so hours. I will be positive and say that the rain stopped and I warmed up a bit. And by yesterday I was safely tucked up in bed feeling sorry for the people still chugging around the bonus loop — the ride was a qualifier for Paris-Brest-Paris and had to be completed by some, despite the allure of a car home at the km point. My training profile now has its two peaks. I am unlikely to do any more training, other than my usual commuting, before my tour in June.

With that in mind the thought of 1, miles or so to complete a tour through every county in England is not appealing and would probably be foolhardy. In my current state of exhaustion the idea of planning a trip onto foreign soil is not pressing the right buttons, so Roscoff — Santander is on the back burner. A quick look on Google Maps suggests a trip of about miles. If I get a train to the start and then cycle home from the end miles or so that will make a cycling tour of miles. I should be able to manage just over 90 miles a day. With the lack of training it might prove trickier than my previous LEJOG jaunts but hopefully do-able.

Of course, I should have followed my own advice viz training. I will have to set off and see what happens. If physically I am unprepared, my psychological advantage is in knowing that I have cycled miles a day for an 8 days period twice over the previous two years.

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And getting the head right is half the battle. Having recently posted about what would happen if you stopped training I thought I should make some comments about starting training. I have set myself the challenge of riding a one or two week route in June. When I first conceived this idea June was a long way away. I had plenty of time to get myself in shape to tackle up to 15 days of cycling a miles or so a day. But that was months ago and the time has slipped without any sign of proper training.

In fact, by the time Easter is over I will have a mere 2 months. I have tried to squeeze some extra riding in by tackling a slightly longer and much more hilly route on my thrice weekly commute to work. In my third week I have reverted to my usual route, my legs protesting too strongly to be ignored.

That may be due, in part, to the only non commute road ride I have made in a long time at the weekend. It was a ride I have ridden many time and is the shortest route I can ride door to door that goes up onto Dartmoor. It is 40 miles and has about m of vertical ascent and, of course, descent. This morning, I felt totally shattered as I clawed my way to work. At first I put it down to the raging headwind I was battling against. That is a transition many do not want but our poor management performance leaves little choice.

Dedicated leaders may of course produce outstanding results but the record is far from perfect. The campaign to recruit more foster carers was first class. It will be good if the public get the same feeling.

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Saving money on services like Community Transport or Park and Ride is short sighted. The county has followed suit, sadly without the increase.

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We have a new challenge. We are appalled that our nation is not mature enough to stick with our European friends and solve their problems. We prefer to abandon them to their fate and seek a better future in the past. We hope that the course back to nationalistic attitudes will not lead to a spread of behaviours like those in Ukraine. We need many more companies like ARM in Cambridge if we are to succeed. It is doubtful whether we have them. We need to get them back on side. Suffolk Liberal Democrats have obtained information, through FOI, questioning the credibility of promises made by the Conservatives, before the General Election on this matter.

This year we have chosen not to attempt a detailed amendment to the budget but to comment on matters of principal at a strategic level on those service areas we consider most important. The Liberal Democrat group is fully aware of the overall financial situation and supports the government focus on reducing the budget deficit. However it believes that many services provided by local government are valuable and should not be a first priority for cuts. We believe that the county should use the resources provided by government and those it raises locally to support the local population and the economy.

Smith with 91 points and T.

Space will not permit me to list all entrants and points scored by them but should anyone be interested would they please ask me for details. Our Club-room is now open and the co-operation of all members using this room is required to see that equipment belonging to the Physical Culture Club is not interfered with or damaged. I would remind members concerned that the club has only rented the room and not the equipment contained therein.

If you wish to purchase any of these items see me on Club-runs or tell J. The Norwich Cycling Association issues a monthly news sheet for the benefit of clubs in the Association. By request, our first Cub-run for November will be a Tramps run and we would like to see everyone who turns out dressed like a tramp.

Now that we have been able to read about or see the exhibits of the Cycle Show many members, myself included, will be thinking of new frames and equipment About time, Haggis. As you know the N. I understand from them that if members renew their club subscription plus their N. Our Club has drawn in the second round of the N.